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Retention Equipment

Al/Ribbon Wirebond

Au/Cu Wirebond & Bumping

  • Wedge, Ball, Bump and Ribbon Bonding
  • 17μ to 75μ Wire and 25μ x 250μ Ribbon
  • 6.5" TFT Touch Screen
  • Deep-Access BOnd Head 16mm
  • Bond Arm Length 165mm
  • 100 Program Storage Capacities
  • Motorized Z - & Y - Axis
  • Programmable Loop Profile
  • USB Backup
  • Electronic Ball Size Control
  • Pick & Place Option
  • Pull Tester Option
  • Copper Bonding Option



Vacuum Oven

Die Attach Equipment

Screen Printer


Terminal Bending

Plasma Cleaning System

Molding Press

Molding Press

Trim/Form Equipment

TMCL Chamber

STD Reflow Furnace

N2 High Temp Reflow Furnace

Ultrsonic Welding Equipment

Ultrsonic Welding Equipment

Elongation Tester

High Power Scope

Isolation Voltage Measurement

Curve Tracer

Salt Spray Tester

Mechanical 3D Measurement

X-Section Equipment

Vision 3d Measurement