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Safety Power Package (TO247-3L/4L)
A new innovative package using Kelvin source concept.
With new generations of power switches becoming faster and faster, the effect of the parasitic elements of package and board limit more and more the over all system performance.

(JMJ's patent)

Case Power Module
1700V SiC MOSFET UL1557

1200V/1700V Case Power Module is a full SiC half bridge module composed of SiC MOSFET and SiC SBD.
It includes low package stray inductance of less than 12nH and insulation of 4kV. It is an optimal product for inverters and converters of industrial power sources, including evaluation devices such as outdoor power generation systems and charge / discharge testers.

Dual Side Cooling

Safety Dual Side Cooling Module Package – Half Bridge The innovative and small package is designed for DSC (Dual Side Cooling) with great thermal performance. The low stray inductance and increased blocking voltage support the design of systems with a very high efficiency. Using 1200V 14mΩ SiC MOSFET.

(JMJ's patent)