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What is clip bonding technology

Semiconductors are device parts that have the function of semiconductors, fabrication process to fabricate them, and package ass'y processes that can be implemented on a PCB set by implementing the shapes of semiconductor devices. In order to connect the lead frame of the device and the Packgae during the package ass'y process, use an aluminum wire to interconnection as shown in photo 1. However, in the conventional technology, in order to reduce the electrical resistance or to increase the thermal performance, the number of wire bonding must be increased. However, there is certain limitation, and the bonding equipment is used for such bonding. It also request lots of capital to purchase and take long time. These are one of key factors to increase the price.

Therefore, the clip and clip mount automation equipment, which are under development and in mass production, are a new technologies that can cope with these conventional technologies, so that the efficiency of the power semiconductor is increased. These product group has originality and competitiveness compared to the existing technology. JMJ is the only one company can manufacture and sell.