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R & D Center

Technical Developments

SF DSC (Dual side cooling using 3D clip)

DSC using wire bonding and terminal welding

Bottom substrate

Top substrate

Top/Bottom joining

DSC package

DSC using welding technology of spacer

Dual Side QFN : Requested by Infineon, German / TI, USA, Applied to Smart Phone

SPM (Smart Power Mobile) : Under Development for Nex-Gen EV from HMC

Flip Chip Bonding and Clip Bonding

LTCC Package : Under Development (SiC + Al Soldering : 8x8x1.27mm)

TO-252 : Under Development (Cu Sintering, Al Soldering)

48V MHSG Case Module (for H Company, EV Car)

6.5KV Case Module (for U Company, SiC Device)

5G & 6G PKG using GaN

1700V, 300A Full SiC Package

1. Wire bonding

2. Block bonding

3. Clip bonding

4. Ultrasonic welding